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This Luggage Cake Is Mindblowing And The Process Is Pure Artistry

Luggage Cake

The Luggage Cake is such a useful thing to know how to make, and I’m not talking about practicality. I’m talking about the joy of being able to make something this cool, whether it’s just for yourself, or for that friend or family member with wanderlust.

Think about it, this can be part of any ‘arrival’ or ‘departure’ celebration and literally, everyone wins. Because, you know – cake. And decoration. And cake again. All of this equals happy people.

How To Cake It channel on Youtube (which, understandably has more than 2.6 million subscribers) announces this recipe as one of the ones to help you reach your #cakinggoals and we couldn’t agree more.

Just, please look at this miracle of a cake.

Luggage Cake 1

No, you can’t pack anything in it. It’s already packed with sweet goodness.

In order to make it, she had to make 24 pounds of her Ultimate Chocolate Cake (that you can also find on her channel).

Luggage Cake 2

There are three of those rectangular cakes, and she cuts them in the middle to make more layers.

Luggage Cake 3

She even makes use of the humps that she removed to straighten the layers out.

Luggage Cake 4

And then she sprays syrup on them, using her tool she calls Sir Squeeze-A-Lot.

Luggage Cake 5

She’ll use regular buttercream and chocolate buttercream, alternating between layers.

Luggage Cake 6

And the icing… Look how perfect it turns out:

Luggage Cake 7

Wow. I’m starting to think I may not get the same results, you guys.

Time for fondant!

Luggage Cake 8

Um. Now I really think I might not do it this way exactly…

Luggage Cake 9

Okay, scratch that enthusiasm from the beginning. If you have someone who likes travel, then get a big screen and play them this video! It’s almost as good…

Luggage Cake 10


Luggage Cake 11

Oh, come on! That’s an actual buckle!

Luggage Cake 12

Okay, I give up. That’s a handle that looks better than an actual leather handle.

Luggage Cake 13

And a name tag, okay I’m out.

Luggage Cake 14

Okay, there’s a tiny chance that when I try this at home, it doesn’t turn out like this, but…

Luggage Cake 15

Okay, there’s no chance that I’ll make it like this. Mine will be like, a total mess of chocolate goo and splattered fondant. Which also sounds good at the moment.

But you need to watch this video! Who knows, maybe there’s a cake master hidden inside you!

Source:How To Cake It

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