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This Is Luhu, The Saddest Kitten In The Whole World

This Is Luhu, The Saddest Kitten In The Whole World

Cats, for a lot of people, cause a ton of happiness. They’re cuddly, cute and funny. However, even though some cats might make you happy, some of them aren’t that happy themselves. Some will show it through biting, kicking and scratching, but rare ones will show it in their facial expressions.

One such example of the latter is Luhu. Luhu is the cat of Instagram user Maggie Liu, and he’s getting a lot of attention due to his incredibly sad and disappointed face, leading him to receive well over 141k followers on Instagram. Doesn’t his face just make you want to hug him immediately? Like, seriously, he looks like he’s had quite the life, even though he seems to be quite a young kitty.

Take a look at the highlights from Luhu’s life, and be sure to check out @lanlan731 on Instagram if you want to see more of Luhu’s unimpressed face adventures.

Also, we’re kinda sure that Luhu is a loved and happy kitty. But that face!

1.Sad and sleepy


2. This looks like a sibling

Luhu isn’t pleased to be with them right now.


3. “Please. Hug me. Now.”


4. “Look at all those people out there”

“They’re living amazing lives. And I’m just here like…”

His sad expression makes me imagine him with a really deep, narrator-like voice.


5. Get me out of here!


6. You can even kinda see the tears in his eyes

He’s seen it all at this point.


7. “What is it now?”


8. “I’m not in the mood right now”


9. “What do you want now?”


10. “Bleugh! This is nasty!”


11. “And this is nasty too”


12. “The weather outside is so beautiful”

“I wish I could go out there”


13. “I’m really unsure about that”


14. “It’s so hot and I had so much to eat”


Source: 9gag

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