Luke Perry's 19-Year-Old Son takes on The Wrestling World

Luke Perry’s 19-Year-Old Son Takes On The Wrestling World


Any 90s ladies around here? If you used to watch Beverly Hills, 90210 and fawn over Luke Perry, I am pretty sure you would give his son the time of day as well. Moreover, because he looks exactly like his father!

The 19-year-old Jack Perry, nicknamed “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy, took his taking his first steps in the wrestling world and his father was there to cheer him on!

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The event took place in Los Angeles. It was part of the Underground Empire Wrestling show, Passage 2 Pain. Fantastic name. Jack Perry was on the roster of wrestlers who entered the ring.

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The famous actor was on his tenterhooks throughout the match. He fidgeted on the bleachers as he watched his son enact a series of high-powered, adrenaline-infusing wrestling maneuvers to take down his opponent. Unfortunately, it seemed like whatever Jack was doing, his nemesis was doing it better.

Pro Wrestling Sheet posted a video of the match on their YouTube channel. YouTube user Suggie Thames hit the nail on the head. He said Jack looked like “a grown up version of that kid from that old Disney film JUNGLE2JUNGLE”.

Source:Pro Wrestling Sheet

Jungle Boy certainly matched his look with his nickname. Wearing nothing but black briefs, knee pads and black boots. His long hair twisted and swirled like tongues of fire. In the wrestling world, the attire and the way the wrestler presents himself go a long way in terms of winning over the fans. The louder their roar the more subdued is the opponent’s confidence.

Looking at old photos from his mother, former actress Rachel “Minnie” Sharp, one gets a pretty clear idea where Jack got his mane from.

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It’s quite inspiring to see children of celebrities who want to build something for themselves instead of living off of their parents’ success. It certainly seems like Jack is a serious athlete who has set out to establish himself in the wrestling world and gain authority and recognition in his own right. Good luck, Jack!

(h/t Yahoo! News)

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