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A Beautician Battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Explores The Link Between Makeup And Beating A Disease


The causal effect of looking good and feeling good is well-known to all human beings, but in the case of Amanda Ramirez looking her best every day is literally a way of battling for survival. The California native was diagnosed with stage-3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma last August, and the 22-year-old has since made makeup an integral part of her everyday treatment.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a type of cancer that attacks the body’s immune system; around 0.2% of the US population are affected at some point in their lives. Since her diagnosis, Ramirez has added makeup to her everyday treatment, which includes chemotherapy and extended hospital stays. The Instagram makeup artist applies her makeup in full glam every day because it makes her feel good, giving her the strength she needs to keep battling the nasty illness.

“I’ve always been a makeup enthusiast,” the Compton native told Yahoo! Beauty. I began learning makeup on my own at the age of 19, and ever since then, I fell in love with the art of beauty. I was definitely like this prior to the cancer, and it’s helped me immensely with dealing with my treatment. When you look beautiful, you feel beautiful.”

Even before being diagnosed, Amanda would receive numerous messages of love and gratitude on social media for her posts promoting self-love and self-care. Since she began sharing her makeup cancer tratment, though, she has become somewhat of an Instagram star, with more than 48,000 followers on her account.

“Prior to my cancer, I would get up to 20 direct messages a day from girls from all over saying that I helped them love their own body,” she told NBC News.



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“I realize that it’s bigger than me,” the Californian says, adding, “God has given me this to show the world that you can be fierce and strong while having a bit of vulnerability. I hope to inspire and help those who don’t feel they can go on with something that weighs on them so heavily.”

Ramirez has, since her August 2016 diagnosis, set up a GoFundMe page titled, “Help Me Kick Lymphoma’s Ass!,” to collect funds for her cancer treatment where the $10,000 goal has been reached in less than 7 months!

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“I want to humanize cancer —it’s so easy for people to kind of villainize it and not take it for what it is — it’s just a sickness. It really doesn’t have the power to make you feel a certain way unless you let it,” Ramirez said.

After finishing her treatments, the 22-year-old hopes to volunteer at a cancer research and treatment center, as well as developing her own plus-size modeling brand.


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