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Maddie Ziegler’s 5 Easy Hairstyles


One can never get enough hairstyles that fall into the ‘easy’ category. Because, yes, it’s easy to go about your day in the prestigious style called ‘royal mess’, but if it’s easy enough to go as ‘gorgeous’ then, yes, thank you, I’ll have the latter.

Or, I’ll just have what Maddie Ziegler is having. Because she must be doing something good, when she has 450K Youtube subscribers and the video you’re about to see has over 2 million views!

She has a clothing line and girls that wear it share it under the #maddiegirls hashtag. She’s totally cute and in this video, her sister is her model, looking all cheery and happy like sisters usually are when they goof in front of a camera.

So, 5 easy hairstyles. All you need is hair ties and a brush. Starts off easily enough…


1. The first one: a messy half-bun

Maddie 1

2. The second: bun and braids

Maddie 2

3. The messy ponytail

Maddie 3

4. A twisty half-updo

Maddie 4

5. And number five: The ever-trendy braids.

Maddie 5

Seriously, are braids ever going out of style? Not that we’d want that, but when was the last time we had such a huge trend? Maybe the early 2000s?

Nevertheless, this is a video we bet you’d enjoy.

Source:Maddie Ziegler

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