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Madeleine McCann Could Be Snatched For Rich Middle Eastern Families


During their investigations, detectives recently claimed that Madeleine McCann could have been snatched “to order” by slave traders and sold to a rich family. There are gangs that operate in Mauritania, West Africa and they sell children to some rich Middle Eastern families.

While speaking to the Mirror, ex-Scotland Yard, Colin Sutton, a detective, said: “The Mauritania line is certainly a possibility and needs to be looked at.

“If someone wanted to get a three-year-old child into Africa, it’s the obvious route. The infrastructure and contacts for people smuggling are clearly there.”

The McCanns, out of huge concern hired private detectives who said that there are way stronger reasons to believe that the girl was taken to Morocco. This theory comes right after a sighting of Madeleine took place on a key trafficking route to the country.


Mari Olli says that she’s pretty sure that she saw Madeleine, however, at the time of the sighting she had not heard the news of this case.

Mari immediately in touch with Portuguese and UK authorities and gave a statement to Scotland Yard. She never got an answer. Mari wrote in an eail:”I saw the girl inside the shop and she was wearing clear blue pajamas.

“Some pattern on the top, trousers little darker. Don’t think the trousers had any pattern. She was very small. Under one metre. She was with a man. She was standing alone, the man about a metre from her.

“I looked back at her, she was very sweet. It was a strange situation because the man didn’t look like her father.

“And it was very strange to see a blonde, small girl standing alone in Marrakesh.

“She was very small and normally you would hold her in your arms or at least her hand. And he was turning away from her. She looked sad. I looked at her face, she looked at me. Then she turned to the man and said something that sounded like, ‘Can we see Mummy soon?'”


Mari doubts herself everyday for not saying something or stepping in: “I’m still questioning it, of course I am. Even after all this time I still think about what I saw.

“I can’t handle it, to be honest, it’s so difficult to talk about that I just start crying. I try not to think about what I could have done. The one thing I’m still convinced about is that it was Madeleine.

“I could kick myself for not doing more. If I’d known then that Madeleine had been taken, then of course I would have done something.”

Now it’s been 10 years since her disappearance and Colin Sutton claims:

“Having said that, for as long as there is no evidence to say she is dead then the search must continue.

“Investigators have to assume she is alive and fully re-investigate the case from that aspect. For Kate and Gerry’s sake they have to continue to believe she is alive somewhere.

“The trafficking scenario is the strongest line and needs to continue to be looked at.”

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