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Bring Magic Into Your Eyes With This Floating Crease, The Newest Makeup Trend


If you are following new makeup trends, you might have noticed something obvious. There are new trends all the time! Makeup lovers can barely try one without hesitating to try the other ones in a second! From unicorn eyeliners here to ear makeup and more, you feel like there is not a single day where makeup artists are not inspired. Here is some good news. Minimalism is becoming a hot trend in so many things nowadays. For the lovers of subtlety, they can find minimalism in clothing, home decor, as well as makeup. The newest makeup trend is highlighting your eyes with this floating crease!


As we’re seeing many friends use less makeup, here is a new floating crease trend, that is no exception to that.

1. Throw confetti with this fun floating crease, and pair it with a bold color like magenta.

Just look at those purple brows! Loving them!


Source: Instagram | @beccaboo318

2. Minimal and magical, these smoked out teal creases are more than mesmerizing!

Less is more for this subtle crease. So perfect!


Source: Instagram | @celine_bernaerts

3. Go for these black floating creases, which give off a darker, villainous vibe.

Maleficent would have rocked this look, for sure!


Source: Instagram | @doll_face_mua_

4. Add some stars and smokey skies.

I don’t know if I’m in love with the color or the stars detail.

Source: Instagram | @alexmuaddict

5. Be a little extravagant with a strip of glitter liner, and an ombré floating crease.

This extra means extra shine on your eyes!


Source: Instagram | @christineocmua

6. Two is better than one, and floating creases follow that rule.

Add some highlight and you are good to go!


Source: Instagram | @nadineartistry

7. Does it get more magnificent?

Matte black half-moons are all you need this weekend! So simple, yet, so inspiring!


Source: Instagram | @jonetwmakeup

8. These are a great option for those who want a bright, fun color, but not a lot of it.

Simple, yet brave!


Source: Instagram | @katiejanehughes

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