The Magical Results of an Art Project in the Dead Sea


Eight photographs that will astound you. The originality. The process. The results. Enchantingly stunning!

Two years ago, the Israeli artist, Sigalit Landau, submerged a traditional black Victorian gown in the Dead Sea as part of a fascinating project she wanted to accomplish. The results have been photographed at various stages. The transformation is absolutely incredible!

The assignment is part of a photographic series called the ‘Salt Bride’ and was motivated by S. Ansky’s 1916 play called Dybbuk. The play depicts a young Hasidic woman, who becomes haunted by the spirit of her dead lover. The dress is a remake of the one worn in the histrionic production of the 1920s.

The traditional gown was immersed in salt-rich waters of the Dead Sea in 2014, and was brought to the surface recently to go on display!

The pictures are magical, as each one becomes more enchanting. It must have been an amazing project to be involved in.




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