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Spellbinder Magnetic Eye Shadow By MAC – Does It Work?


So, MAC released this gorgeous and super-attractive product back in October, which you’ve probably heard about by now. Yup, we’re talking about the Spellbinder eye shadow, and that’s exactly what Laura Lee is talking about in her video too.

MAC sent her these, as described, magnetic eye shadows to test and she seems quite interested, as are we, because the product description is quite something. Check it out, from MAC’s official page:

“This is one attraction that’s impossible to resist. Spellbinder Shadow can create the most mesmerizing eyes with the deepest, most mysterious shades that cling to lids like velvet. Black, ionized pigments are magnetically charged, fusing the loose powder together so it magically maintains its form and dimension. Hexing hues cast their spell in blackened emerald, cobalt and teal with a metallic finish.”

Ooh, shut up and take my money, I say.

But what does it actually do? Does it work at all? Lucky for us, Laura Lee has a video for it, and we’re about to watch.


Spoiler alert:

“This was one of the most strange makeup products I have ever tried out, and they were a little difficult to work with. Once I got the hang of the Spellbinder shadows they were beautiful and super pigmented,” Laura said.

Edgy and classy at the same time, but wasn’t MAC always about this? Anyways, seems like this is a product worth trying. Nevertheless, we leave that decision to you. Let’s enjoy Laura’s quirky presentation now and see.

Source:Laura Lee

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