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A Cute Hairstyle For Wedding Maids Of Honor

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Maids of honor from all around the world, behold: if you are about to be the witness to someone’s most precious moment in life this spring or summer, Metdaan is here to inspire you. Because, as the weddings we’ve attended have taught us, the role of the bridesmaid is not purely ceremonial; on the contrary, the companions of the bride play a big part in the mood of the ceremony, especially in those initial, ice-breaking moments. And in order to feel confident and easy-going, you gotta look the part too. Thus, the hairstyle.


As in most weddings, maids of honor will usually wear matching dresses, hair is one of the very few departments where one can express their individuality. Having said that, you probably don’t want something too elaborate for such an event, as it might become a drag later in the day as the music and the mood reach their peak. That’s why our suggestion is a combination of elegance and simplicity which will give you self-confidence but also allow you to have loads of fun.


This braid is the epitome of the elegant beauty of simplicity. It will also keep your hair away from your face during the evening and night, no matter how hectic things get, without you ever being in danger of losing your hairstyle midway through. Check out the video for the complete tutorial on the perfect style for all of this year’s maids of honor!


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