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Major Makeup Mistakes Celebrities Make


Our celebrity stars don’t always look good with makeup. Sometimes it can just look “too much”. In makeup forever’s defense this was designed for HD filming and not photography so they never said “looks amazing in photographs”. Clearly the proof is in the pudding and this stuff doesn’t look good.

In the video below, Youtuber Wayne Goss explains to us the major makeup mistakes our celebrities or anyone we know might make. Remember that for this tutorial he used a large amount, so when a small amount is used as the company states this result does not happen.

So, the main point here is that you can use makeup in smaller amounts, because when it is too much, it can look good to you, but when you take a picture with a flashlight, that is when all your makeup mistakes come to life. That damn flash!

Take a look below, and get started.

Source:Wayne Goss

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