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Make Your Own DIY Phone Case With A Glue Gun


The combination of a smart phone and a glue gun doesn’t sound very nice for the well-being of said smartphone, does it?

But there are so many hacks that involve glue guns, that surely you’re assuming that this is another useful trick you’re about to read here. We’re talking about making a phone case.

If you can’t decide on a case, then the video can help you solve that problem. It only takes minutes and what’s most exciting, the possibilities for personalization are endless.

You’ll need a glue gun, baking (parchment) paper and tape.

Here are the steps.

1. Turn off your phone and place it face down on parchment paper.

2. With the scissors, cut around the phone leaving enough room that you can wrap it like a present.


3. Wrap your phone tightly in the parchment paper and tape it together.


4. Using a pen or pencil, outline the camera lens, light, charging port and buttons on the paper so you don’t glue over them.


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