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How To Make Friendship Bracelets


Friendship is something we value forever. If you have a person that is both your partner in binge-watching Sherlock and crying over a breakup, or simply being there for you when you lost your job, you’re lucky.

There so much you can and want to do for this person. But this time, you’ll see how to make them a friendship bracelet too. It takes some effort but that’s what it makes it so meaningful.

The colors make everything perfect!


Don’t you just love the shape?


The structure looks difficult but it’s so interesting.


Classy and cute.


YouTuber Usue from Spain is going to show us different designs to create these beautiful bracelets. They are very colorful and cute. All you have to do is find the perfect colors that match together and then follow Usue’s instructions.

What you will need

  • First design – any kind of cord and some small beads.
  • Second design, any type of cord in two different colors you want(or just one color too).
  • Third design, suede rope in three colors and some crimp end closure.
  • Last one, some cord, some beads and some smaller beads.

How to do it

Basically all you need to do is start off with the three or two pieces of cords and then make different shapes of knots and techniques. They will come up in a variety of ways and the result is worth it. You will feel proud of yourself.

People seem to find it very cool and you can see that by the comments they leave, like:

“Wow!! Your amazing!!! Like I’m in shock! Where do you get the clams for the third bracelet?!
“Love all the designs and the colors you used!”

So what do you think about these friendship bracelets?


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