Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation – Tutorial In 4K!

Wayne Goss

Okay, if you just got up, or are hungover, put some sunglasses on, because this is pristine! Before you start watching, click the HD button on the video and set it up for 4K. You can actually see every line, every hair and even the minute details of the irises.

Wouldn’t you love to have foundation that would instantly transform you into a red-carpet celebrity? Like, no more of that ‘don’t film me, I look like crap’, instead you could say ‘shoot ME, I’m the most important person in the room’, like an actual diva.

The video is filmed in 4K because Make Up Forever made the Ultra HD Foundation to look especially perfect in photographs and videos, and, as you will see in the video, Wayne Goss is delighted to test this and show his audience just how HD the foundation can get. So, let’s see then, and comment below if you like it.

Source:Wayne Goss

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