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Make Your Life A Hundred Times Easier With These Simple 16 Tricks

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Life is full of challenges. Some of them are small some of them are big. Some of them are the ones that we have to deal with on a daily basis. But, the internet is full of tips and trick that can help you make the challenges of your every day life more manageable. This is a post with a compilation of these tips and tricks. Some of the tips in this gallery below are:

* How to get your clothes to dry faster in the dryer
* How to make certain household items multi-use
* How to make the best fort

Some of them may seem a little bit silly, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Some helpful things can be silly sometimes. These tricks can also save you a lot of time, energy, focus and money. Check them out below and enjoy.

If you are in a rush when you are doing laundry and need your clothes to dry faster, just throw in a dry towel into the drier along with the wet clothes. This will get them dry faster!


This is the ultimate ”cord saver”. Everyone deals with a bent or broken cords, but to prevent this, put a spring around the cord.


If you have a SmartTV, just plug your phone into the USB port behind. Charge your phone via TV.


You shoe rack can be used to store cleaning products. This is also a great way of  keeping harmful products out of toddlers hands, if you hang it up high.


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