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Make Your Once-loved Jeans into a Dress


Here’s an idea that you’ve just got to love!

How many pairs of old, once loved jeans do you still have in your wardrobe? Follow these instructions and create!

We have the pattern – You have the Jeans. So let’s make a dress!

You loved those jeans so much that you can’t bear to part with them. Well now you don’t have to! Use the pattern below and turn them into a dress, so that you can go on wearing them, albeit with a different look! You’re going to turn them upside down and convert them into this stunning, funky-look dress.



Materials / equipment
– old jeans
– scissors, needles, thread
– sewing machine


Alternative looks



  1. Undo the inside seam and the one joining the crotch.
  2. Cut down the inside area in between the legs.
  3. Undo the exterior seam from the bottom up of each crotch to make the armpit area of the dress.
  4. Try the jeans on (as a dress, upside down) and secure the shoulders with pins.
  5. Sew in place with machine.

The diagrams will give you clearer detail


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