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A Tribute Cake To The Canadian Lumberjack

The Canadian Lumberjack Cake

Did you know that in the XIX century half of Canada’s male population earned their living the life of a lumberjack? Even going back to the days before the European settlers came, cutting trees was the main activity of the Aboriginal population.

That is why for Canadians, the lumberjack theme has an enormous cultural significance. In Canadian folklore, lumberjacks have an almost-mythical status and are the theme of uncountable tales, songs and works of art.

So lo and behold, tributes are now extending to the kitchen and no one is complaining!

Lumberjack Cake 1

We bring you a recipe for a lumberjack cake from British Columbia’s own, Jenn Johns.

She baked hers for the Canada Day national holiday, but you don’t have to necessarily be Canadian to enjoy this cake – after all, good cakes are an universal human right!

Lumberjack Cake 2

But if you indeed are Canadian or if you just love the culture and nature of the world’s second largest country, check the video description where you will find a playlist with six other recipes inspired by Canadian imagery.

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