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This Rainbow Nerds Candy Cake Is Awesome

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If you are a cake lover or are willing to try new fun recipes, you will absolutely love this cake. What’s really special about it is that it is made with Nerds Candy and it has the rainbow colors. How pretty can that look?

Jenn from the YouTube channel called Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio is going to teach us everything we need to do to make this yummy cake. She never runs out of ideas and you can always find unique recipes on her channel.

She is a professional but that doesn’t mean you should be scared to try this. It is actually very simple you just need some basic skills which I am sure you do. Or, if you keep sweaters in your oven, like Carrie Bradshaw, make a trip to the grocery store and get to a friend’s house!



  • 3 x 8″ white cake
  • Assorted Nerds candy
  • Vanilla buttercream
  • Piping gel



Separate Nerds by color in separate bowls and attach one cake round to a cake board using a small dollop of buttercream. You will cover the top of the cake round in buttercream and then pipe a dam around the layer on the outside. It’s finally the time to fill it with Nerds, and you’ll do the same thing after you put your third layer on and filled it with buttercream again. Gently press the Nerds into the piping gel and repeat using colors you like more. On top of the cake add more of the candies. Done!

Nerds are really what makes this recipe so cool, don’t you think?


To see more, press play down below. Enjoy!

Source:Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

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