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Make These CuteHeart-Shaped Earrings Out Of Your Favorite Yarn

DIY Heart Shaped Earrings

Valentine’s day is coming soon! Are you out of ideas on heart presents? You may not be a fan of Valentine’s day, but if you happen to love crafty earrings, this should get your attention. Many of us get tired spending money on jewelry and we need some savings to get through these winter months. Whether you need to be creative today, or you need a new pair of earrings, here is one DIY idea that might suit you.

This one is a perfect solution for all Valentine’s day souls. You can use this crafty idea as your new hobby or you might surprise your loved ones and make them a pair. Receiving handmade presents is the best feeling in the world for those who appreciate the effort and love surprises.

We got this idea on Troom Troom, a YouTube channel where you can find many videos on DIYs that just melt your heart.

You’ll need:

  • cardboard
  • beads
  • fashion jewelry supplies
  • red knitting yarn
  • pink knitting yarn


1. Draw a heart on the cardboard, cut it out carefully and apply some glue.

CuteHeart-Shaped Earrings 1

1. Attach a yarn end and start wrapping. During the process, you can add more glue if necessary.

CuteHeart-Shaped Earrings 2

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