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How To Make A Wall Lamp (Sconce)


If you didn’t notice by now, we’re here to tell you. Lighting is super-important for every space people use and move in. Good lighting, however is expensive, and good space is sometimes not affordable, nor is it perfect. But if you are just a little bit crafty, you may end up with one of the coolest lamps you’ve ever owned. And it will be a lamp you’ll make yourself, which only makes it more enjoyable.

There’s a Youtube channel called EngineerYourSpace that has all these ideas on how to make your living, or work space more adorable.

wall lamp

Doesn’t look homemade at all, does it!

Now, let’s see what you’ll need and how to do it. Don’t forget, the more DIY projects you take on, the more successful they’ll become. And you’ll feel so cool.

  • Iron on edging (birch)
  • Clip-on candelabra light kit
  • Wall mounted switch and plug-in receiver
  • Corner guards
  • Aluminum sheet
  • Metal snips

Amazon has all of these and the prices are cheap too. Check out the video:


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