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Make A Wreath Using Ornaments And A Hanger

Christmas wreath

Using the same decorations every year can get really boring. If you want to jazz up your space fast this is the perfect project for you. You can create a festive Christmas wreath in a snap using a hanger and some other ornaments.

DaveHax is showing us how to turn this hanger into something very beautiful in just a few minutes.

PRO TIP: If these start to wiggle around, use clear tape to keep them in place.


You can choose any color you want. After you figure out everything with the colors, take some shiny tinsel and wrap it around your finished wreath. Finish with a holiday bow on top of your DIY wreath to tie it all together.

To hang you can use the hook of the wire hanger, but if you don’t like the look of the hanger, you can snap it off. Take a piece of ribbon to the wreath and finally attach to a hook on your wall or to your front door.

Dave suggests using this DIY wreath as a table centerpiece if you don’t want to hang it. Put the wreath on your dinner table making your table sparkle and give it the holiday spirit.

DIY Ornament Wreath


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