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“The Makeover Guy” Is Thrilled When He Sees Her Long Hair


Everyone would love having a chance at “The Makeover Guy Reveals” show, but some people need it more. They just never get the time to touch their hair because they are busy working and raising a family. Christopher Jon Hopkins, makes these drastic changes to people and when they leave the studio, they always feel like a whole new person.

After first hearing about him via Facebook, Elise needed to pay him a visit desperately. The new mom had put her beauty routine on the back burner. Her 9-month-old baby, loved to get tangled in her hair so she let it grow. For years she didn’t have an  idea what to do with all of her hair, and went without a style, cut or color.

When she first got into the studio, Elise played a joke on Christoper where she said she wanted a major change, but to keep the length.

“I fell for it,” he said.

Makeover 1

That can be a problem for some hairstylists, especially for someone like Christopher, because he would be limited on how to get creative. But as soon as she told him to take control and cut off as much as he wanted, he took over.

After she sees the makeover, she is blown away by the transformation.

Makeover 2

“My head doesn’t hurt anymore!” she said as the inches were snipped away.

“I have a nine-month-old baby, who thinks it’s fun to yank on it. It’s falling out everywhere. All I want is some peace and quiet for a while. No one was yelling, “Mom, mom, mom!”

With a fresh new cut, highlights and fresh face of makeup, people couldn’t help but notice her. She looks a lot younger after her transformation.


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