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Makeover Changes Woman Who Shaves Her Face Into A Bombshell


Appearance is undoubtedly an important factor in the way in which we feel about ourselves. Without a shadow of a doubt every person wants to be happy about the face that looks back from the mirror.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is harder than we’d like to achieve. It is a common flaw of human beings to often overlook all of the good things on behalf of one flaw.

For many a year, Marsha Meddleberg could not get over the way she looked. She had strong facial hair that needed to be removed on a daily basis, resulting in disgust anytime she would throw a glance at the mirror.

Therefore, Marsha didn’t think twice when the opportunity to become a part of the TV show, The Swan presented itself.

The Swan’s plastic surgeons, doctors, and stylists managed to completely transform her appearance, although it did take time.

The recovery process after her surgery lasted three months,  so it took a while for Marsha to finally see the end product of the transformation that changed her into a beautiful woman. It was well worth the wait.

Due to different reasons, there are people who disagree with plastic surgery. In Marsha Meddleberg’s case, it was the difference between life riddled with self-doubts that were driving her towards depression on one side and content fulfilment on the other. She is now perfectly happy with herself and revels in her appearance.

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