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Makeup In The 2000s Vs. Now – Did We Get Better?


Whether you are a makeup lover or not, you’ve certainly noticed it has changed over the time. When I say changed, that means changed for the better, at least from today’s perspective. Nowadays we cannot imagine ourselves having thin eyebrows, lining your lips with a darker colour. But in the 2000s, this was a thing. Can you believe sticky gloss is not trendy anymore? At least all the metallic eyeshadows and thin eyebrows are long in the past. Indeed, we are a lucky generation. What did makeup mean back in 2000 vs now? Let’s find out and have some fun.

1. Brows

Then: Perfect brows meant thin brows! And thin meant super thin! Everyone basically plucked more than half their eyebrows out.



Now: Brows are a new makeup obsession now. Thicker and natural-looking brows are trendy now, so many people even fill them with gel, pencil, pomade, or powder, especially those who overplucked back in the day!


Source: E! Online

2. Lip Liner

Then: Lip liners were a must in the past. And yes, it was way darker than the lipstick. Frosted lipsticks were also trendy. Hm, it’s good to be in 2017.


Now: We didn’t quite forget the lip liner, but we started using it in the same colour as the lipstick. Kylie has a point here, that the lip liner doesn’t have to be darker than your lips colour. Liquid lipsticks are also common nowadays.



3. Bronzer

Then: Orange was probably the best shade then. Your bronzer, of course, complemented your also orange spray tan, to achieve the “natural summer glow”, even during winter. It didn’t look that bad, right?


Source: Glamour

Now:  Bronzer is both a natural, sun-kissed glow, and contouring. Now it really looks natural, for the most part. Contouring, on the other hand, is anything but natural, and while it has been a secret for decades, now many people are doing it at home. It sometimes means just applying darker bronzer to the shadows of your face, but it’s still a technique to master.


Source: Brit + Co

4. Eyeshadow

We have Paris Hilton again as the perfect example of what makeup meant then. It certainly meant frosted and colourful cream shadows, applied from the lid to the brow. It looked interesting then, I guess.


Source: Glamour

Now: Brash eyeshadows are not so popular nowadays. In fact, they are more neutral and understated. We still have some interesting colors, but they are not so trendy now.


Source: Glamour

5. Makeup Applicators

Then: Makeup tools and brushes were few then, so people used whatever they found, like these little sponge-tip applicators. Foundation was applied with fingertips, and blush was applied with those tiny little face brushes that came with it.



Now: We do have like 1000 brushes for different purposes right now. We have three or four different brushes for our eyeshadow alone, different sponges for things like foundation or cream contour, blending brushes for the face, eyeliner, and brow brushes. Well, life is certainly more complicated now! At least in the world of makeup.



6. False Nails

Then: These usually meant the French tip on a long pair of acrylics, but that wasn’t all. There were also duck feet nails, pink and white, and single colour acrylics.


Source:Entertainment Tonight

Now: Nails are now artistic! Full of details and crazy trends, all over the internet. SO enjoyable!


Source:Nail Art Nail

7. Highlighter

Then: Bey was a synonym for glitter back in the days. She would cover her cheeks in a shimmery, gold highlighter, which was so trendy then.


Source:Hype Hair

Now: Now everything has changed, and we are not golden anymore. Highlighters now add a nice, subtle glow to the makeup.


Source:The Recording Academy

8. Lipstick

Then: In the 2000s, lipstick was glossy and that’s the way people liked it. But it was really tiring, having to put a gloss on 10 times during the night. And when the weather was windy, you had to tie your hair.


Source:Getty Images

Now: These days, bold lips mean matte lips. Luckily, we said goodbye to glossy lips!


9. Blush

Then: Mums probably taught you to apply it right on the apples of your cheeks. What were they thinking? And it only came in two colors: Pepto-Bismol pink and clown-nose red.


Source:Access Hollywood

Now: We still need colour on our cheeks, but not in large circles in only two shades. There is still the natural rosy glow, and there are some non-traditional colours, such as lavender and yellow.


Source:Savoir Flair

10. Eyeliner

Then: Remember Avril’s dark eyeliner? She was rocking it! It was actually pretty easy to do.



Now: Now eyeliners have become more dramatic, actually. But they are just liquid, and are more difficult for applying.



11. Mascara

Then: Mascara on your bottom lashes was a must back then, although it resulted in a lot of streaky under eyes.


Source:Us Weekly

Now: Now we have more drama and volume. And also, we like to curl our lashes.



12. Foundation

Then: There weren’t many to choose from in the past, and it was quite impossible to blend also.



Now: There aren’t only three shades now! Now you can find the perfect shade for you!



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