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Makeup Artist Creates Creepy Optical Illusions That Will Make You Question What You See


Mimi Choi, 31, is a Vancouver-based makeup artist, who really knows how to trick you with her work. A former school teacher, she became an artist and has been fascinated with surreal and creepy makeup transformations. Surprisingly, she never uses any photoshop for any of her pictures that she posts on her Instagram profile. Her photos create captivating 3D illusions that make people look as if they are split into pieces, hurt, bleeding, or fallen into an another dimension. Some even include slicing her head in half.

“My face is a blank canvas where I can practice my art”, Choi tells the Metro.

Choy slices, disjoints, stretches, blurs and otherwise radically transforms her own face in seemingly realistic optical illusions. And she uses nothing but makeup! No templates, prosthetics or Photoshop, but only standard cosmetics from brands like MakeupForever and Kryolan theater makeup. The Canada-based artist shows off her creepy looks on Instagram along with her normal makeup looks.

“I hope that my strange creativity can inspire people to think outside the box”, Choi writes on Instagram.

On her Instagram profile, Choi also writes about having struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, expressing the liberating value of imagination in her work.

Here are some of her stunning examples:

1. Half of you pretending to be someone else


2. Inspired by the photoshopped images by surreal artist Sabastian Niedlich, this is a normal dog with human eyes, hair, body and 0 top teeth.


3. Feeling chopped


4. This is a recreation of her face on somebody else’s


5. Who knew that you could use everyday beauty products and paintbrushes to make others look like they’re split into pieces?

Amazing piece of art!


6. This eye optical illusion looks more than adorable, rather than creepy!


7. A mosaic portrait that does not look human at all!


8. Is that a piece of meat?

Look closely. No, it’s not food! Although it looks so much like a piece of meat or a baked potato instead.

Source: 9gag

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