Be Afraid: She Transformed Herself Into The Clown From Poltergeist


This video might start as a regular makeup tutorial, but don’t let that fool you, because, after all…

It is Halloween!

Is Poltergeist on your Halloween to-watch list this year? It will be after you watch this video. People have become masters when it comes to applying cosmetics, some more than others. And then, there are some, like this girl who’ve gotten it to a point of art and  probably will be contacted by some major movie production any minute now.


Individuals have gotten incredibly skilled at applying cosmetics. You can totally change your face to look like pretty much anything you want with some nonessential expertise. That is the reason that the cosmetics business is blasting at the moment, and why tips from young ladies like this are being looked up.

When you see what this girl does with makeup, you’ll be shocked, amazed, and a little bit scared. (Okay…really scared.)

She picked the clown from Poltergeist as inspiration and boy did she nail it.

See for yourself.


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