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Beyond Extra Watermelon Makeup Just For Summer


What starts with S and everyone loves it? Yes you are right, SUMMER!

Personally, I am in love with summer. I get to spend the whole weekend tanning, diving in the pool and eating watermelons! Watermelon is such  a refreshing snack especially on hot days. Now, they have gone from our plates and beach coolers to eyes and lips and let me tell you that they look pretty dope.

I mean, cmon! Doesn’t this make-up look so delicious?


Okay now, hands down this pink shading looks a lot like watermelon. I have absolutely no idea how to achieve that but damn!

I’m not going to ask questions, just adore it.


Source: Instagram | @cassisel

“Watermelon is my absolute favorite fruit. I can finish a whole watermelon by myself, so my little sister suggested that I should do a makeup look based on it, and I loved the idea,” Norwegian makeup artist Ragnhild Skjeldnes said.

Well I don’t blame her!


Source: Instagram | @makeupbyragnhild

Wow, ladies do you agree with me when I call this art? I mean look at the contrast on the rind, that’s some Pablo Picasso artwork there. Beyond flawless!


Source: Instagram | @nasiabelli

Even though these lips don’t look very practical, they are ultra-juicy. They are so glossy and it looks like it’s dripping from the lips, Kylie-style.


Source: Instagram | @katjaanamakeup

Replace the boring old black dots with black sequins to add more drama. There’s a heavy coat of gloss too but I just can’t hate them. Amazing!


Source: Instagram | @zodieac

If you are willing to be as extra as humanly possible, go for black sequin seeds and green sequin rind.



Source: Instagram | @conextradequeso

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