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The Eighteen Most Hilarious Makeup Fails That Ended In A Tweet


The makeup struggle is real, and you should never underestimate that fact. Millions of people work hard (and often fail) at delivering a serious makeup game on a daily basis. Since the invention of the tweet, the more lighthearted among them share their failure online in order to make the learning curve a little less steep for the rest of us. Of course, there are those chosen few who don’t have such mundane problems. Yet again, what kind of people are they? Although they are probably immortal and can walk on water, they don’t seem like much fun. For us mortals, here are some of the funniest makeup fails to ever found their way into a tweet.

1. “Professional artist”

That makeup will look fine at the ’80s retro night in the local pub.

2. Tiny peeny

That foundation reminds me of someone for some reason… Strange.

3. Flawless and fearless

You look stunning James! We wish our photos looked that good!

4. Pregnancy on fleek

I can barely get my makeup to last a meal, let alone through the ordeal of giving birth…

5. Coffee foundation

Someone needs to make a coffee-themed foundation!

6. Copy cat

Beauty vloggers do some crazy stuff!

7. Human pallet

She’s got a lot of eyeshadow!

8. One big eye lash!

What the hell?!

9. Hilarious rug

Hilarious, indeed!

10. Makeup hack #73

How come I’ve never thought of that before?

11. On fleek

Natural lighting – every woman’s greatest fear!

12. Whoops

You’re in trouble!

13. Wild beauty blender

Beautifully blended!

14. Chapstick

Everybody needs chapstick, don’t they?

15. Highlighter, anyone?

There are two types of people in this world…

16. Makeup boyfriend

Just a waiting game…

17. Makeup haul

The reality is not as pretty as you think.

18. Upgrade in the makeup department

It truly takes just one good eyeshadow pallet to change your life!


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