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This Makeup-Free Doll Is Both Hilarious And Frightening


We don’t really give much thought to how almost all dolls out there have a lot of makeup on, right? If you think about it as a present for a little girl, it might create a distorted image of how women should look like. But that’s another story.

The story of this article started when a grandfather tried to clean his granddaughter’s doll. Then, the kid’s mother posted about it on Twitter and the side-by-side before and after pictures got a lot of attention. The grandfather had unwittingly created a monster-like doll, having no eyebrows and makeup on. The picture is not only questioning all the dolls on the market but might also scare you. Unless you find it hilarious, of course, like Twitter did.

It all began when Twitter user @TashP351 shared a “before and after” photo of her daughter’s doll on November the 14th. Here is the caption: “When your dad tries to clean up your daughters Girls World with white spirit, but it completely takes the eyes out so he sticks some on from a magazine,” referring to a type of paint thinner. Interestingly the ‘before’ picture is a Bratz Styling Head Chloe doll, and not a Girls World doll, but that’s hardly important.

As expected, the Twittersphere used that moment to “attack” with other before-and-after memes.

Here are some of the best reactions to the pictures of the bizarre yet telling doll, but be warned. You might also find it hilarious!

Also, some users connected the pictures with their own lives. “Pretty close resemblance to me waking up after a night out,” @AlyshaHobson wrote. “Wait that’s me,” another one wrote.


— North Ages (@NorthAges) November 14, 2017

Others focused on the simple fact that the ‘after’ photo is a bit horrifying. “The lack of brows are super creeping me out right now,” one person replied. “The only logical course of action… I would have killed it with fire,” @lytaylor120487 stated.

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