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Makeup That Won’t Get Messy After A Quick Dip In The Pool

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It’s no secret that every girl these days wears makeup. A lot of girls are shy of their imperfections, hence they feel the need to cover them up with makeup.

But, let’s say you put some makeup on, you’re discussing where you should go out with your friends, and out of nowhere your friend invites you and the rest of the gang to her house to have a pool party at her house pool.

I asked my brother what he thinks, knowing the introduction to this. He says, ‘at this point, a girl’s natural reaction would be to just burst into tears because she spent ages applying makeup when it’ll just turn out to be pointless, as a quick dip in the pool means it’ll just wipe off.’

Well, NikkieTutorials has just the right tutorial for those of you who have experienced this before.

The aptly titled video “TAKE HER SWIMMING ON THE FIRST DATE” is a good tutorial on how to apply waterproof makeup, and she even goes the extra step by going for a synchronized swimmer look.

She ends up with a gorgeous look that won’t get all messy when going in the pool.

Check out the video here:


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