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20 Makeup Mistakes That Will Age You Faster


The sun will set tonight, rise again tomorrow morning and we are all going to age another day. That’s perfectly fine though, as long as we continue to adapt our game in every walk of life, and that certainly includes makeup. Here are twenty common mistakes that if you avoid making, you will have gone a long way in appearing young and fresh as the years roll on.

1. Never skip moisturizing

Never skipping the basics will go a long way in retaining a soft and glowy skin as time goes on.

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2. Sun protection

Nothing ages your skin faster than sun damage so make sure to wear sunscreen, even if it’s not summer.

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3. Always start with a primer

Forgetting this step can lead to problems with your makeup setting, and you’ll probably find it muddy and melted off later in the day.

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4. Using the right foundation

Remember that your skin changes as you age and that your product should change with it, so upgrade your makeup routine every few years.


5. Correct shades

Having too big of a choice can sometimes be detrimental to picking out the right one, so don’t be afraid to speak with a beauty consultant to find the shade which will match your looks perfectly.

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6. Foundation not too thick

Less is more, and if you go overboard your foundation will settle into the fine lines of your face and make them more obvious.

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7. Not too bright concealer

A not-too-bright concealer of the right shade will cover any blemishes but it might be too thick for the thin skin under your eyes.

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8. Don’t tug on the skin underneath the eyes

It’s easy to get carried away, but being too rough can lead to puffiness and wrinkles much sooner faster – when applying makeup to that area, try dabbing until it blends instead.


9. The right foundation for glowing skin

Using a powder foundation can leave you looking older than you are so keep it minimal. Powder tends to leave your face looking flakier, which the exact oposite of that dewy, youthful glow you are probably going for.

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10. Use setting spray

It will add that extra boost of moisture to your skin, as well as preventing your makeup from melting off.

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11. The right shade of blush

Even a seemingly minor compromise such as using the wrong blush shade can add years to your face.

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12. Don’t apply blush to your cheekbones

To properly apply it, make sure you’re putting small amounts on the center of your cheekbones and brushing it backwards.


13. How to choose blush?

If you want to know what shade is going to work best for you, pinch your cheeks and find a matching shade to whatever color appears.


14. Metallic eye shadow incompatible with aging

The shimmery stuff is more likely to sink into the creases and wrinkles around the eyes of mature women, accentuating the lines.

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15. Matte shadow for the ages

A matte shadow will subdue the wrinkles around your eyes. If you have to go for some sparkle, try adding it to the center of the lid only.

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16. Careful when lining the bottom lash lines

An all-black line tends to make your eyes appear smaller and gives you a harsher look overall so just the top lid, as seen in the picture.

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17. Same goes for mascara

Too much mascara will make your face appear overdone so it’s probably best to just stick to the top lashes instead. Also, use waterproof mascara to keep it from smudging and running.

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18. Tone down the eye shadow

Instead of bright colors, try wearing muted tones — a nice shade of plum instead of a shocking violet, for example.

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19. Don’t neglect the eyebrows

Your eyebrows thinning out as you get older is perfectly normal, just don’t forget to fill them in to complete your makeup look.

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20. Lipstick shouldn’t be too dark

If your lipstick is too dark for your skin tone, your lips will appear thinner.

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