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Full Face Of Testing Makeup Products Tutorial


Being a makeup lover sometimes can be hard because you just can’t stop yourself from buying all the latest makeup products. What really sucks is that all the money you just spent can lead to a “not so great” product and that’s a shame. Luckily we have some awesome makeup vloggers that help us in these kinds of situations who do the testing for us.

YouTube channel msroshposh shares a lot of tutorials about beauty so today we are going to see Michele test some products which can really help you decide after seeing the results. This is an exciting video for her because she gives us a chat while doing her makeup. If you want to learn how to create this look, let’s get started.


For the face, Michele uses two foundations which are darker than her skin tone but fit her perfectly. Later she continues with bronzer, highlighter and blush. The products give her the perfect definition of her face so they are totally a YAY!

products 1


The eye makeup looks so dope. In her inner corner she does a creamy nude and then at the end of the eye, she continues with a dramatic red pink. To finish the look she creates a sharp black cateye and adds eyelashes. Perfect.

products 2


For the lips, she goes with a glossy pink nude which pull the whole look together. So great!

products 3

What do you think? Total winner? Share your opinions with us. We love to hear them.


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