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How To Do Your Makeup In A Rush

Beautiful girl in a rush

How many times a week you end up doing your makeup in a rush? Well, ti happens very often to me and sleep plays the biggest role here. This time, you need to organize your time better.

YouTuber Leyla Rose seems to be very familiar with this case so she decided to do a tutorial and show us her way of getting away with this. Get up, get dressed and save only 15 minutes for your makeup.

makeup in a rush 1

For the face she doesn’t go into much details as contouring but applies concealer to help her hide the dark circles under her eyes. She uses dark-red eyeshadow and blends it out which in total took only 2 minutes! She then applies eyelashes and for the lips, she decided to go with a nude color.


makeup in a rush 2

The makeup in a rush is completed.

To see all the little details she adds to the look then you can simply click the play button below and enjoy!

Source:Leyla Rose

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