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These Makeup Transformations Are Totally Incredible


Makeup has this… superpower of being able to cover up our flaws, which is handy if we don’t feel comfortable with ourselves or our natural appearance. But this explanation is only skin-deep since for many people, makeup represents art, creativity and a way to show off their talent. For others, makeup allows them to look in the mirror and just feel a lot better about the way they look. Take a look at these makeup transformations below and enjoy!

1. Freckles are gorgeous

People that have freckles just can’t wait to cover them. On the other hand, we think they are so beautiful and pure. This is why this transformation is so amazing singe instead of covering her freckles, she highlighted them.


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

2. Contour on fleek

Contouring is such a game-changer.


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

3. Lashes for days

Certainly a big difference.


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

4. Shine bright like a diamond

Eyeshadow and mascara can really make your eyes pop.


Source: Instagram | @ivetsmakeup

5. Glow up

The best thing about this one is how happy the woman appears in both pictures. You should always be confident with who you are, glam or not.


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

6. Dress up for the occasion


Source: Instagram | @1701hairandmakeup

7. Covering up the wounds

Even though we don’t know her story, we hope she loves her transformation makeup as much as we do.


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

8. Dark circles be gone!

Concealer plays a big role in hiding the dark circles around your eyes. Did anyone also notice how gorgeous her eyes are?


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

9. Bold, colorful lipstick shades? We’re up for them.

Having the courage to go bold is another level of glam


Source: Instagram | @joyceilicious08

10. Bow down to these brows

They are just so perfect!


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

11. Hello, Hollywood!

This transformation says “Tinseltown” to us! Look at those curls!


Source: EMGN

12. Beautiful before and after

You probably recall this image. For those who don’t, this is Ashley VanPevenage, a person who appeared in a meme that circulated back in 2015. The photo brought along a lot of cyberbullying which Ashley confronted bravely on YouTube and television.


Source: Know Your Meme

13. Hair and makeup… work it!

Some hairstyles work especially with certain makeup looks.


Source: EMGN

14. Shalom Blac is rocking the beauty game

Beauty vlogger Shalon got burned with hot oil at the age of nine. Now, she has a big fanbase on her YouTube channel where she promotes acceptance and some bomb makeup hacks.


Source: YouTube | Shalom Blac

15. Wedding bells are ringing

Even though we’re not completely sure if this look is a wedding look or not, her eyeshadow and the jewelry are so on point.


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

16. We love Patrick Starrr

Have you seen him without makeup? This charismatic makeup YouTuber looks good both ways.


Source: YouTube | PatrickStarrr

17. Slaaay!

Miss Fame demonstrates that makeup transformations are not only for women.


Source: Makeup Vidalondon

18. Focus on one feature


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

19. Back at it with the lashes

Some false lashes and a great mascara can do amazing things to your eyes, although you shouldn’t be embarrassed to rock what God gave you without adding to it.


Source: Bellyitch the Blog

20. Smile for the camera

Hair and makeup completely lit up this woman’s face. But it would be nothing without that subtle smile.


Source: Bellyitch the Blog
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