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Makeup Tricks To Having A Flawless Face

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When you are about to do your make up, sometimes you should go beauty hunting. How can you do that? you might ask. Well, watching new tutorials with a lot of hacks and tips can be very useful to improve your beauty routine. After all, putting your makeup on is very fun and enjoyable. Below we have some hacks we want to share with you.

If you’re looking for the perfect curls for your lashes, then you might want to try this.

When you want to curl your lashes, use a hair dryer to heat up your eyelash curler first. Make sure it is not too hot to use because it can burn your eye. Then curl your lashes while holding the curler in a horizontal position towards the floor.


Source: beautime

You don’t need Cupid’s arrow to find true love.

You need to have full lips and correctly lined up. Apply your lip liner as shown in the photo to get an even Cupid’s bow shape.


Source: pinspire

When you go for under-eye concealer don’t you dare smudge it up. Apply it in the form of a triangle on your inner cheek instead.


Source: Hairstyles with Daan

If you wear glasses, making your eyes pop is even more essential.

Your eyes will definitely stand out if you use a black liner on your top lash line and a colored one on your lower lash line. This is so useful when wearing glasses.


Source: frmheadtotoe

Press the rounded side of the spoon against your eye and get a spoonful of this. Hi Ariana Grande!


Try Tyra Banks’ most amazing pro-makeup tip! Start by covering your eyelids with white eyeliner so your eye shadows will pop, but run it through the base of your waterline. You will also look much younger.


Source: cosmopolitan

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