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Laura Lee’s Vampy Look Tutorial


Wow, vampy is huge this season, isn’t it? So many makeup artists and Youtubers went for it, you probably know how to do it with your eyes closed by now.

Always be careful when combining colors and styles, though. Also, always be aware that whatever you believe is right for you, probably is and no one should convince you otherwise. Want to go bold? Go bold.

Now, like I said, you probably know the vampy look by heart. It sometimes happens that even when you don’t really like something, seeing it for the zillionth time does the trick, and it grows on you. Happened for me with rose gold, I’ll tell you. Silver before rose gold, but hey, the latter doesn’t bother me that much any more.

We have yet another Youtuber that went vampy here.


Laura Lee actually has a tutorial on how to achieve the, according to her, “GLAM AF” vampy look, complete with brown lips and everything.

You can see the contrast between Laura without makeup and with the vampy look, just from the thumbnail of the video. And I’ll tell you, the girl knows her stuff.

Just goes to show what makeup can do.

Check out the video below:

Source:Laura Lee

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