Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Welcome Their First Baby

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Welcome Their First Baby


Dancing With the Stars Maksim and Peta, welcomed their first baby boy!

Maksim “Maks” Chmerkovskiy is best known as the professional “bad boy of the ballroom” dancer, who competed on  Dancing with the Stars for fifteen seasons.

It was there that he met his future wife Peta Murgatroyd. They met in 2012, but had a quick fall out in 2013. However, they reconciled their differences in 2014 and later got engaged in 2015.

On January 4 this year, they welcomed their first son, baby Shai Aleksander Chmerkovskiy.

During a Good Morning America segment, the parents decided to introduce Shai to the world.

baby 1

They commented on how happy they are to have their lives graced by Shai’s presence.

“He changed the first diaper”, Peta revealed.

“And that was also the last diaper, subsequently…”, joked Maksim.

baby 2

The hostess video said that he definitely looks more like Peta than Maks.

The parents said that, at first, they wanted to keep the whole situation private. Maybe their motives lie behind people oversharing their personal lives nowadays on social media way more than needed.

However, they wanted to share the gift that they were given with the world.

baby 3

“The meaning of Shai in Hebrew is a gift”, said Maksim. Now, that’s a lovely name to name your newborn.

The interviewer didn’t miss to ask about Shai’s future profession: “How long before he starts dancing?”

In an endearing, eye-rolling manner, the parents were unanimous in their answer. “Oh, Jesus, I hope never!”

So, what is it that they want him to do with his life?

Maksim hopes that his son will grow to be 6.6 feet tall. And then land an NBA, billion-dollar contract.

They also reflected on Peta’s progressive and truly brave decision to address the way mothers look immediately after they’ve given birth. She posted a photo on Instagram only eight days after her labor, looking, in her own words: “five months pregnant!”

At first, she was quite depressed to see her body looking like that. She is a dancer so her career depends upon her being in perfect shape. However, Peta decided to roll with the punches.

“I just realized I did the most beautiful thing that a woman can produce…and I need to just suck it up, move on, and you know, not worry about the little things.”

baby 3

They are also planning a wedding. A rather large wedding.  Shia will accompany them down the aisle.


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