‘Malcolm In The Middle’ Cast Is Transformed And This Is How They Look Now


Remember Malcolm, the genius young teenage who struggled to survive with his not so bright family?

The series ran for 6 years between 2000 and 2006, now ten years later the family are dispersed all over other tv shows and movies. Lets have a look at them back then and now.


Their dysfunction always made you feel good about your family, but they always got though it.

They were so dysfunctional some times that they made you cringe.

Chris Masterson payed the encouragable older brother, Francis

Starting from the eldest Francis.

Cute then, cute now!

Christopher Masterson (Francis)

Justin Berfield, the second oldest, Reese – Not the brightest penny in the jar!

Reese, the screw-up


Justin Berfield (Reese)

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