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This Woman Found A Replica Of Kate Middleton’s Engagement Dress For Just $25


Mallory Bowling, a 29-year-old Virginia-based attorney simply loves Kate Middleton. “Lots of young girls here in the USA followed Kate during my college years. I think the real hype started when she got engaged, though. There was so much in the news about it — especially that amazing blue Issa dress she wore,” Mallory said.

Ever since, the young lawyer has made a hobby out of replicating the Dutchess’ outfits. Inspired by Middleton’s Alexander McQueen bridal look when planning her own wedding, Mallory eventually joined the “Replikates” group on Instagram where aficionados track down the pieces in Kate’s wardrobe, such as her L.K. Bennett pumps, which Mallory buys discounted.

“It’s a lot easier if someone’s already identified where Kate’s clothes are from. If not, the ‘Replikate’ community will do a very comprehensive search and we’ll quickly track the retailer down. A lot of the girls are very creative. Some even make their own clothes and we all help each other out. For example, if something isn’t available to buy in the country one of us lives in, we’ll ask if someone else can try and get it where they are instead,” Mallory explains, saying she’s never paid full price for an item and has spent “a few hundred pounds over five years” on her passion.

The search generally happens on eBay, Amazon, and apps for preowned or copycat versions of Kate’s looks such as Depop. One of Mallory’s greatest finds was a replica of Middleton’s engagement dress for $25 at a consignment store. The Virginian has promised to re-create some of Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle’s outfits soon, and until then, enjoy her recreations of the Dutchess of Cambridge’s outfits.

The Issa Dress

Kate Middleton wore the blue Issa dress on the 16th of November, 2010, when the engagement to Prince William was announced at St. James Palace in London. Harvey Nichols famously restocked the dress in 2015 and Mallory’s version cost only $25.

middleton 1

Source: PA Real Life and Getty / Samir Hussein

The Naeem Khan Dress

Kate wore this dress by Indian-American designer Naeem Khan when she visited the Taj Mahal with Prince William in April 2016.

Sources: PA Real Life and Getty / Chris Jackson

The Self-Portrait Dress

Kate wore this white Self-Portrait gown to the premiere of A Street Cat Named Bob in November 2016.

middleton 3

Sources: PA Real Life and Getty / Richard Pohle
From: popsugar

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