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Mama June Criticised By Her Mother At Her Ex Husband’s Wedding

Mama June Criticised By Her Mother At Her Ex Husband's Wedding 1

We have told you about Mama June Shannon’s incredible 300lb weight loss a ton in the past. The change between Mama June from a few years ago and Mama June now is drastic to the point where everyone has talked about it to death and back.

But now, after Mama June has lost the excess weight, she had one more challenge lying ahead.

In the season finale for Mama June: From Not to Hot, a sneak peek is shown of her gearing up to attend her ex’s wedding, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson to Jennifer Lamb.

The 37-year-old celebrity mother made her way into the backyard ceremony in McIntyre, Georgia, USA, and she was wearing her red hot revenge dress.

“Now that I’ve said goodbye to Sugar Bear, I can focus on finding my own true love,” she says. “I know I’m never going to go back to the old June — I’m a better person. This is a new June: new transformation, new birth. People that haven’t seen me are going to be shocked.”

All the guests gasped at the reality TV star as she walked into the room with her new size 4 figure.

“I can’t believe that’s June!” whispers one guest.

“She looks so different!” adds another.

What Shannon didn’t know is that her ex’s wife-to-be invited a trio of people that Shannon wasn’t exactly keen on seeing.

“I think everybody here is shocked to see Mama because nobody’s seen her since she was over 400 lbs.,” says Shannon’s daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin,” 17. “But Mama’s going to flip a lid when she sees the people that Jennifer invited.”

The trio of relatives are her estranged mother Jennifer along with her sister-in-law and her niece.

“Whoa. Hold the f— up,” she says. “I’m trying to figure out what the hell my mama is doing here!”

“Lord, I wouldn’t have done that to my body if it’d been me,” whispers Sandy. “She needs to do something with her hair. Her roots are showing.”

Shannon then takes a seat on the other side of the aisle alongside Pumpkin and her trainer Kenya.

“I wonder if that’s the new boyfriend?” says Sandy.

Pumpkin says she doesn’t know, Shannon then explains the awkward situation to Crooks.

“That’s my mama over there and my sister-in-law and my niece,” she says.

“So that’s your family right there?” he says. “Your family came to your ex’s [wedding]?”

“I haven’t talked to my mom in three years,” fumes Shannon. “Who the hell invites my mother to their wedding? Jennifer knows I don’t have anything to do with that side of my family anymore, so she’s just playing head games.”

But Sandy isn’t concerned.

“She don’t give us the time of day, so I ain’t worried about her,” she says. “I’m here for Sugar Bear and Jennifer, not for her.”

Mama June got revenge on all the people she wanted to, and even though she wasn’t keen on seeing some of the people in the audience, at least they got to see her. We salute Mama June and her incredible transformation!


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