Mammoth Tusk-Looking Nails That Haven't Been Cut In Three Years

Mammoth Tusk-Looking Nails That Haven’t Been Cut In Three Years


Sixteen-year old Simone Taylor from Nurmberg, Germany hasn’t cut her nails in three full years! The mammoth tusk-like nails are now six inches long and I can only imagine how people might feel in their immediate vicinity.
Oh well!

August 2014 was the last time she cut them and they have been growing ever since. It came to be that whatever daily activity the rest of us do with ease and dexterity, she will experience major setbacks trying to do them.
Writing and typing on the PC keyboard is an abstract thought.
“I have exams at the moment and it’s hard to write, after one hour of writing my hands really hurt. On the computer, I have to type using my knuckles,” says Simone.
Writing is not the only field in which she is not able to meet the expectations. Gym class at school is a major no-no.
She added: ‘PE is a huge problem. I can’t play volleyball, basketball or anything similar.’
“My PE teachers are always trying to convince me to cut my nails. They’ll never succeed in convincing me – but that makes my grades in PE really bad.”

How did this seemingly entertaining thing become a full-blown obsession?
One day Simone was looking at nail art tutorials. She was impressed by the length of some of the artists’ nails. One thing led to another and she decided to grow hers too. However, she hasn’t cut them since!
“It wasn’t my intention to grow them so long, but as they grew, so did the amount of compliments and they became more and more a part of me,” says Simone. “During my first year, I always thought to myself, ‘I’m gonna cut them tomorrow,’ but I never did.

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This has become a Frankenstein-like saga in which the creation takes over the life of the creator, instead of vice versa.
Simone, however, claims that she does most of her daily activities with no major setbacks. The first question that comes to everyone’s mind: hygiene.
“Funnily enough, a lot of people ask the toilet question when they see my nails for the first time,” says Simone.
“Cleaning my teeth and using the toilet aren’t a problem. Showering is a bit more difficult. Sometimes my nails get caught in my hair, so I have to be extra careful.”

Dressing is also a task. She takes things slowly, she says, since breakage is not necessarily the major problem, but the actual pain she feels when her fingernails get stuck on the clothing. Buttons are not much of a help, either.
Talking about taking things slowly, she needs approximately 90 minutes to remove her nail polish. To keep things clean and sanitized, she cleans the undersides with a cotton bud every day.

She says that at this point, she is more satisfied with her nails and her life. She did develop a nail-cutter scare, but that’s beyond the point. Simone won’t cut her nails!
I guess the girl has things figured out. Each to their own. Tell us how you feel about them in the comments!


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