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This Is What Powerful Politicians Would Look Like With Man Buns


“Man buns” have been here for a while now, but their recent emergence as a fashion trend has been a strange and frankly a little bewildering spectacle. And sometimes it’s fun just imagining your friend, family or even celebrities with a man bun.

In the world of politics the professional, conservative look of our world leaders seems pretty incompatible with the man bun craze. This is the reason why it was so funny when a photoshopped image of Donald Trump rocking the man bun started circulating on the internet. The website DesignCrown hosted a contest asking the users to photoshop man buns onto politicians and we couldn’t be more happy for the pictures. Let’s give them a look below.

1. The picture that started it all


2. John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson rocking the look


3. Barack Obama


4. Abraham Lincoln


5. Kim Jong-Un


6. George W. Bush


7. Adolf Hitler


8. Richard Nixon


9. Tony Blair


10. Vladimir Putin


It’s so crazy how much a hairstyle can change the personality of a person. If you ever saw these politicians running for office with man buns, you would think they’re very chilled out.

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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