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Man Does A Complete Makeover After They Say He’s Not ‘Hot’ Enough For His Glam Girlfriend


Some of us really enjoy a good fashion makeover and a great transformation. When people change, especially in the name of love, it is not only cute but also brave. In order to change for the person you love, takes courage and time. Luckily, there are people who can help you in that process.

Brandon and Clara Belle are not an ordinary couple. She likes to dress up all the time, and he likes to wear T-shirts everywhere. Does that make them the couple where opposites attract? Maybe, but at some point, people start talking and pointing fingers at them. What if Brandon wanted to make a change for the person he is in love with? Do you think he is far from being fit enough for her? Let’s see this transformation in the video below, but first, let me tell you their story.

Clara was the person loving polished nails and wearing faux fur when going out, but Brandon was the complete opposite. He only wore T-shirts and jeans. Not only that, but he also grew his hair and kept his beard long and scraggly.

Brandon, instead of being self-conscious about his looks, is very proud and self-confident. He is also confident about their relationship. That’s why he wanted to go on Rachel Ray’s show with Clara. But what did he have in mind?

As you can see from the video below, he let the fashion guru Gretta Monahan give him a makeover. Gretta was really excited to do this and warned the audience who thought that Brandon isn’t good enough for Clara Belle.

When he shows up after the makeover, Clara is left speechless. Both of them are completely stunned because he looks like a new person!

Then something incredible happens! Brandon reveals his real reason why he convinced Clara to come on the show with him. Watch the whole video below to find out!

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