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‘Expert’ Man Parachutes From High-Rise Building In Bizarre Stunt


People are constantly seeking adrenaline in their lives, but some just do it on a daily basis and do extreme things, unimaginable for many. A video appeared on the Internet, showing a man in a pink T-shirt and flip flops on a ledge on an upper floor of a high-rise apartment in Brazil. In the video, the man is encouraged and obviously all prepared to jump off into his adventure, wearing a parachute that he allegedly  bought online.

First of all, the man is certainly not dressed properly for a parachute jump, wearing only shorts and a T shirt, and let’s not eve get into the flip flops. A woman also appears in the footage, begging him not to jump.

Source:Erbert Richens

As you can see, he starts to count to three before jumping. Although you can certainly hear the woman’s concerning noise, the other men who are watching don’t seem to be concerned at all.

The men also look ready to capture the ridiculous stunt, probably wanting to experience some popularity.


Despite the woman’s tears, the mun jumps off and everyone is patiently watching what will happen before his parachute opens.


Fortunately, the man safely lands on the ground and shocks onlookers from the balcony. Then, the camera shows the woman carrying the young child as she walks back inside.

Since the video appeared on YouTube, people have been claiming he’s definitely an expert.


The identity of the jumper and the location of the apartment are still unknown. There were suggestions on social media that the men appeared to be an expert.

Additionally, one man, who was apparently a parachutist in the Brazilian air force, commented on the video.

“By analyzing the video, I can affirm that he knew exactly what he was going to do.”

Another said: “The closed curve at the end of the video makes it clear that the guy is skilled.”

Some other people also claim that this act was downright ‘irresponsible’ and ‘stupid’.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Erbert Richens

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