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Watch What This Man Does With Overripe Tomatoes

Overripe Tomatoes

Overripe tomatoes are something you don’t want to eat. But that doesn’t mean you have to let them go to waste. Not yet. There can always be something to do with your wasted food. This trick will amaze you.


So, instead of throwing away the overripe tomatoes, you can actually grow more tomatoes by using the seeds in the overripe tomatoes.

This is all you need:

* soil,

* a ripe tomato

* and a flower pot.

Simple as that.


First, you have to cut the tomato in slices and then put them into a large sized plant pot filled halfway up with soil. Place the slices two by two and before gently patting down on the top soil.

When you are done, now you have to place the pot somewhere warm where it catches the sun. Leave them for a week.

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