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Argentinian Man Is Using Plastic Surgery To Transform Himself Into An Elf


We live in an age where beauty is coveted. You’re either born pretty, born ugly but can become pretty with makeup or even makeup won’t help out with that. People that consider themselves to be in the latter category, sometimes opt for plastic surgery and oftentimes they have a role model that they want to achieve the look of, and that look in most cases is not healthy. The fashion and beauty industry today somehow manage to convince a large portion of people that something’s wrong with them, and they should go after a certain look that can very easily be ‘so last year’ in a few months.

But nevertheless.

The most recent case of a drastic plastic surgery transformation (that rhymed!) is Luis Padron. The Argentina-based 25-year-old spends over $5000 per month on surgeries to look like… an elf.

Yep, after a living Ken or Barbie doll, or even Justin Bieber, we have elves from Lord of The Rings? Now that’s a stretch.

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When you dig a little deeper, however, Luis’ decision becomes a little bit clearer. He’s been obsessed with everything fantasy for basically all his life, spending his childhood reading tons of books and watching tons of movies, and plastic surgery was the way he chose to incorporate the fantasy elements in his life permanently.

Argentinian Man Is Using Plastic Surgery To Transform Himself Into An Elf 2

Growing up with a fascination for fantasy made for a difficult social life; he was frequently bullied because he brought all sorts of unusual reading material to school. However, there were some people who praised Luis for his passion, and this overwhelming support spurred him to make a drastic life change a few years later…


With enough support, Luis decided to go under the knife and transform himself into a fairy elf, as the best way to incorporate the fantasy elements he obsesses over into his life to the fullest extent.


His first surgery involved Botox injections, the thinning of his jaw and cheeks to give him a slimmer overall look, and skin lightening. He also had all of the moles on his body removed to give his skin a pure, flawless appearance. He is currently undergoing a procedure to have the colors of his irises changed, too.


“The treatment is performed without anesthesia,” said the 25-year-old. “It is extremely painful.” Because of the delicate nature of his surgery, he is required to use eye drops and wear sunglasses “like a vampire.” He added, “I’m just very sensitive to light. Still my eyes are not crystal blue, but rather gray. But I hope I will get closer to my goal in the remaining four sessions.”


In the future, Luis wants to mold his ears and make them pointed, just like a real elf, and he’s also considering plastic eyes and a plastic jaw to further accentuate the look.


All of these surgeries don’t come at a small price. In total, Luis spends more than $5,000 every month for his aesthetic procedures. He also spends a significant portion of his money on hair dye and personal care products, which include colored contact lenses. He dubbed himself the “Plastic Prince” on Instagram.


He also considered breaking his legs so that they would appear bigger and stronger, and even went as far to think about removing four of his ribs so that his torso would get a slimmer look. As you’d imagine, a lot of people think that he’s going overboard, but he seems totally fine with it.


“I want to be an elf, an angel, a fantasy. My goal is not to look like a man. I want to look elegant,” he said. “I have my own beauty ideals and I want to be as close as possible, no matter what it costs.”

Luis has also devoted a lot of time speaking to “experienced” people who have also invested a lot of cash in plastic surgeries to look like their admittedly slightly unrealistic idols. He has been in frequent contact with Justin Jedlica, referred to numerous time as the real life Ken doll.


He admits that what he’s doing is rather unconventional, but he has high hopes that his decision will eventually be accepted, and he’s also aware that most of his operations are permanent, and if he regrets one of his decisions, there’s not much he can do to reverse it. He’s taking every step necessary, so here’s hope he completes his full transformation into an elf!



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