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Man Live Tweets Customer Trying To Return Something He Thought Was Cheese


Is there anything that hasn’t been said on the topic of cheese? You might like mozzarella, cheddar, camembert, or halloumi, cheese comes in many shapes and sizes. However, there is still so much to say about cheese that is maybe not so much about real cheese. Feeling confused a bit here? Apparently, the perfect pizza ingredient, the lifeblood of our sandwiches, got mixed up with butternut squash. It wasn’t done on purpose, though. A customer went to return his butternut squash that he believed was masquerading as cheese at a supermarket, and a Twitter user live-tweeted the whole thing.


Cheese is highly recognizable, but there are also some other foods that can be easily confused for the delicious dairy. In one supermarket in North Carolina, a man bought butternut squash and tried to return it, because all he wanted was cheese!


James Dator went to the grocery store to get some things for dinner, but another man was attempting to return a butternut squash that he believed was cheese. Here is the rest of the story, after Dator  put it on Twitter to our endless delight!


If you are wondering how could someone possibly confuse butternut squash for cheese, don’t worry, you are not the only one. Butternut squash, as you are well aware of, is a large vegetable that looks a bit like a pumpkin potato, but in cubed form, it probably looks a great deal like some delicious Red Leicester. Either way, destroying a wine and cheese night with your loved one is probably disappointing.

It’s an honest mistake! This man probably wanted to replace the vegetable with some cheese and move on with his life. The grocery store, however, refused to take back the offending squash cubes.


And then, the plot thickens.


So, not only does this gentleman mistake squash for cheese, he also ignores the giant label saying “butternut squash”. Looks like we’re seeing a serious cheese fan over here! Eventually, he actually succeeds in getting a refund!


That’s not the end of the story, people! Flabbergasted, the store clerk explains that they don’t have two pounds of cubed cheese on hand, which is quite understandable.  However, the guy announces: “I have guests waiting!”, and demands they bring out two pounds’ worth of cheese, and cut it into cubes.  In the end, the browbeaten employee gives in, but wait for the final twist of the cheesy story!


After this event, the guy retreats from the store, leaving his cheese, dignity and hope behind, but with butternut squash in hand.


We can all learn one sure thing about this story: always read the label!


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