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This Is The Mani You Should Rock Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The manicure is one of the most important parts of a woman’s everyday look. While it doesn’t have to necessarily match the outfit you wear, your nails are an excellent canvas for some inventive and unique shapes, colors and patterns that show who you are and what you like. But, have you ever thought of matching your nails based on your zodiac sign?

I know, it probably never popped up in your head, but according to Diply, this is what your nails should look like based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries: pink holographic

Nice, simple, clean, beautiful.

Instagram | @naileditbychelsey

2. Taurus: Simple glitter nails

Since Tauruses are one of the more responsible signs, it’s only right they opt for short nails with just a bit of glitter here and there.


Instagram | @20svetlana

3. For the Gemini, geode nails

They’re quite subdued, while still managing to be gorgeous with their amazing glowy pattern and vivid colors.


Instagram | @zingernail

4. Cancer is known for being drawn to the water, so rainbow mermaid is perfect for them

Yep, it’s true, cancer is known for being more drawn to water than the other signs, basically meaning that you’re a real-life mermaid, which is why this mani is exactly what you need.


Instagram | @sweetandsavvynails

5. Mirrored nails for Leo

A testament to a Leo’s passion and creative side. And you don’t need to carry a mirror with you all the time, you can just look into your nails!


Instagram | @shopological

6. Virgos love nature, so it’s marble for them

Virgos also don’t like being impractical, but these nails are both fun and quite practical, so they are everything a Virgo might ask for.


Instagram | @naycat_nailartist

7. Flowers for Libra

A simple floral design paired up with this shade of pink, or indeed anything else that tickles your fancy, and it works really well with Libra because they are gentle and graceful ladies.


Instagram | @jtn_blackfilenails

8. Simple uncluttered linework for Scorpio

They like statistics and facts, and in most cases, statistics are represented with lines, so it makes total sense.


Instagram | @lvnailsnyc

9. Galaxy for Sagittarius

Sagittarius ladies have a lot of love for philosophy and fantasies, which is why they’re the perfect bunch for these gorgeous galaxy nails.


Instagram | @vanityprojects

10. Half moon for Capricorn

Continuing with the galaxy theme, Capricorns appreciate quality items and good craftsmanship which is why they would dig this simple, no-fuss half moon.


Instagram | @purplenailbox

11. Pierced for the Aquarius

Those born as Aquarius are progressive, original, and independent which means that they like… different stuff, so pierced nails are definitely for them. Or at least, should be on their shortlist.


Instagram | @tgbglam

12. Unicorns for Pisces

Pisces are the closest to a mythical creature one can get; they’re compassionate and gentle, they like art and they don’t like mean things, which is why the unicorn design is for them.


Instagram | @emilyyafai__nailartist
Source: Diply

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