Take Your Manicure Game To The Next Level With These 15 Gadgets

Take Your Manicure Game To The Next Level With These 15 Gadgets


Nowadays, there are so many nail and make up artists, which means a lot of ideas and techniques, so it is no surprise when you see a tutorial where the artist uses manicure gadgets which you would literally never think of using. For every design or new method, nail artists would go beyond one’s imagination for the sake of taking their skills to the next level and being original.

And, until now, all those gadgets have been kept in privacy by the nail artist community. And do you know what is the best part about it? Many of these gadgets are super affordable, and believe it or not- you can even do a DIY version of them!

One thing is for sure-they will change your life!

1. Ultra-violet light nail dryer

Even though you need to use a special nail polish, this gadget, that looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie, will give your fancy nails a professional finish and dry them super-quickly. The best part? It is portable and pretty affordable.


Source: Instagram | @santushi_thestyleedge

2. A dotting manicure tool

If you are into dot-design, this good old-fashioned tool will give you the polka dots everyone would be jealous of. Simple and perfect! Even on your pinky finger, which is usually so hard to decorate. Check out #13 if you want to find out about an alternative to this tool.


Source: Instagram | @pagongcloud

3. Reusable keep nail clips

Ok, so yes, they might look a bit odd, but believe it when we say that they are extremely helpful when it comes to removing nail polish. They are very simple to use. What you need to do is place a cotton ball inside the clip, previously soaked in nail polish remover and then put it on the top of the nail. Just wait a few minutes, and see how even the most stubborn polishes come out with ease.


Source: Instagram | @royal_tarts

4. The ladybug

Apart from being insanely cute, this gadget will make sure you don’t spill your polish everywhere. Make sure you check out #9 to find out about another hands-free polish holder.


Source: Amazon | Not T4K

5. Polish palette

Who says nail artists are not real artists? Just look at this polish palette!  Now you have the chance to mix and organize all your polishes in only one spot!


Source: Instagram | @ruthsnailart

6. DIY striping tool

If you thought that those old polish brushes are of no use, think again! Now, instead of buying striping brushes, you can trim the bristles of the old ones, and make a thinner version which will help you create straight lines whenever you want to decorate your nails.


Source: WikiHow

7. While we’re speaking of striping…

If you are into striped manis and like to add a metallic finish to your nails, you can simply convert a regular tape dispenser into one for your striping tape. How cool is that?


Source: Impoverished By Polish

8. FIMO nail canes

If you are into 3-D nails, make sure you read this. Although they look like those colorful rubbers you used when you were a kid, you can actually slice the canes and by using a nail adhesive- attach them to your nails.


Source: Amazon | Dragonpad

9. The Tweexy

This must-have gadget makes applying nail polish super-easy and hands-free. What an innovative design!


Source: Facebook | @thetweexy

10. Panda manicure nail dryer

Apart from being irresistibly cute, this little panda can blow air on your nails and make sure they dry really quick.


Source: Instagram | @alicenewsy

11. Liquid latex

If you like to do your mani pretty often, you know what a problem it is when you have polish dribbles and other stuff around your nails. This life-saver will catch them all, and prepare your skin for a flawless mani. Just brush this around your nails before applying polish.


Source: Instagram | @fiftyshadesofrixi

12. CreaClip for a perfect French manicure

This gadget is actually pretty helpful for the beginners who want to have the perfect French mani, but don’t have the patience. Slide it onto your finger and it will guide your hand if you start painting where you shouldn’t.


Source: Amazon | CreaClip

13. DIY dotting tool

You probably already have all the parts you need for this dotting tool. All you need is a pencil and sewing pin. It’s so simple, you just push the pin into the pencil’s eraser, like on the picture below, and then dip it in your favorite color to make your dots.


Source: The Beauty Department

14. French Tip Dip

Show off your perfect French manicure made with this tool, in the comfort of your own home. Just dip the tip of the gadget in white polish, or any color that you choose for your French mani, place it over your nail, and see how you can get the perfect nails in a few minutes. It is really that easy and simple!


Source: Amazon | French Tip Dip

15. Nail Stamp

So, this gadget is for the ones that like cool, tiny designs, but need a little help to achieve them. This stamp-like tool will make your nails look like they have been made by a real pro, in a matter of minutes.


Source: Instagram | @boomprettynailart
Main image via Amazon / French Tip Dip
Collage images via 1. Instagram / @thetweexy 2. Amazon / CreaClip 3. Instagram / @alicenewsy
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