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These 16 Mannequin Fails Are So Funny For No Reason


Mannequins literally have one job. They are employed (debatable choice of word!) to display the clothes a shop is selling. Simples. Then, you get these types, you know the ones, who are all about ‘creativity’ and ‘stepping it up a notch’. The ones who have ‘listened’ to the mannequins demands during one of their union meetings and ‘heard’ their bellyaching about how they are just there for displaying clothes, devoid of any personality, unable to tell their kids what they do for a living as it is just too demeaning… Well, outraged by such injustice, newbie Nelson, starts to fight the struggle of the unrepresented mannequin race by cranking ‘it’ up a whole two notches by heaping ‘individuality’ onto their plastic faces or prosaic poses with gusto.

The results?

These are the results… The clothes are lost to befuddled, WTF?.

Good Job Nelson… you nailed it. Like a nail in a coffin of clothes promotion!

Check out the list below courtesy of Diply and please let me know what the hell is going on.

1. Ugh… Do I have to?

This mannequin fairly represents teenage angst in one fell swoop.


Source: The Chive

2. Stick your neck in love

In some tribes, long necks are considered more attractive #unrealbeautystandards


Source: The Chive

3. Torso gap

Remeber the thigh gap… yeah, that’s so done… now banish the torso!


Source: Fail Images

4. Is it drunk? Is that what a drunk lump of plastic looks like?

Surely if you can do drunk, then you can do cool?


Source: Imgur

5. The other one isn’t even flinching… where’s the humanity?

“Girl, I am not going through this with you again. Get your life together.”


Source: MannequinMall

6. Them’s arms for playing basketball


Source: The Chive

7. I call it the belly pout…


Source: 9buz

8. Late and sneaking into work…

“I’ll slither along the ground and hope no one notices…”


Source: Pinterest | Ali M

9. What exactly was the idea here?

Did they borrow this from a haunted house perchance?


Source: Reddit | Calcd_Uncertainty

10. “They’re cheaper without the heads”

Who needs heads?


Source: Imgur

11. More knock-offs from a haunted house

You see, they’ll take a weeks holiday at Halloween. Bet you!


Source: Imgur

12. I want to make them look French… subtly.


Source: The Chive

13. I don’t think she’ll make it down the aisle

I want that dress – the one with the miserable mannequin, I really identify with her…


Source: Imgur | magicbullets

14. Ugh… another sale… ugh

This should drum up some custom…


Source: Reddit | AudibleR

15. Speaking of enthusiasm, this is more like it!

Watch us go…


Source: Reddit | csockey

16. And finally, this mannequin is just trying to reach the kids


Source: Twitter | @emmettmorrison
From: diply

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